Press & Publications
  November 2011 FOAM International Photography Magazine
A Slice of Time: Interview with the editor of Waterfall Magazine
October 2011 The Guardian G2
My Best Shot
October 2010

'Album' Exhibition Review [Link]
Liverpool Biennial 2010: Album at Wolstenholme Creative Space

  October 2010 Troika Editions: Article by Susan Bright [Link]
Critic's Choice
  June 2010 HotShoe International [Download PDF]
Between Two Truths HotShoe Review
  April 2009

Professional Photographer [Download PDF]
The Terry O’Neill Awards

  January 2009 The Telegraph [Link]
Underwater Portraits
  January 2009 The Telegraph [Link]
Underwater Costume Drama
  January 2009 The British Journal of Photography [Download PDF]
Project Assistance Award
  December 2008 The Print Space. [Link]
An interview with Sophie Lewis & Emma Critchley
  November 2008 The Guardian [Download PDF]
  November 2008

The Sunday Times Magazine [Download PDF]
Spectrum cover

  December 2008

Image Magazine [Download PDF]
Focus: Fine Art Photography

  September 2008 Image Magazine [Download PDF]
Cover: The Fear of Falling
  September 2008 BBC website [Link]
In Pictures: The Fear of Falling
  September 2007 Image Magazine [Download PDF]
Focus: Underwater
  June/July 2006
HotShoe International [Download PDF]
Fabulous Faraway Foto Festival
  March 2006 Artists Newsletter [Download PDF]
  June 2006 Australian Art Monthly

  August/September 2004 HotShoe International [Download PDF]
Best of Brighton
  June 2004 Image Magazine [Download PDF]

  July 2011 'HardCover: Image Perspectives'
Authors: Simon Baker, Vanessa Boni, Leslie Dick, Olivier Richon, Mike Sperlinger
Black Dog Publishing
November 2009

The Terry O'Neill Award Catalogue [Download PDF]

  March 2008

The Association of Photographers Awards book

  April 2007 The Australian Centre for Photography '1+1=3' exhibition [Download PDF]

  November 2004 The National Portrait Gallery Schweppes Portrait Prize

  June 2004 The Association of Photographers Awards book 2004